shut the front's friday :)

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the best feeling in the world is leaving your account's office.....
happy hump day!

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well hello there snuck up on me but i'm SO glad to see ya!!

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 i hope y'all had a great weekend!!  my dad's b'day is wednesday so my fam came to visit us for a night and we had an early b'day celebration.  we had an oyster roast, drank lots of good wine, had family game night, and laughed a ton......mostly b/c taylor picked out mustaches for us all to wear...and we really thought it was funny (well everyone but walker)!!

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in my dreams, i'd love to dress this cute but in reality i'm sporting yoga pants and running shoes..... *sigh*

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sometimes it just all about the pictures....

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did y'all watch the super bowl??  i don't think i watched one bit of the game or the commercials...i'm not going to lie, football's not really my cup of tea but i do dnjoy the social aspect of it!! hope y'all have a great start to your week!

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atlanta was a blast!!  well worth the effort it took to get there and so much fun to see old friends!!  one thing i LOVE about atl is the shopping.  i get so much inspiration from the stores there!!  here are some of my go to shops there:
Gramercy: amazing bedding, headboards, monograms and the girls who run it couldn't be any cuter!!
Pieces: i mean, pieces is just the bomb.  i was absolutely drooling over the lucite bentwood chairs upholstered in hot pink wool (why did i not take a picture).  to die for.
Scout for the Home: beautiful pillows, love the unique furniture (really wanted to take this table home w/ me), and pretty table top accents.
 Bungalow Classic: didn't get to make it here this time but i ALWAYS stop here.  best store ever.  such great upholstery, amazing vignettes, great lighting, and bedding... the whole store is full of inspiration.
South of Market: love the industrial feeling of this store, such clean lines in the furniture, fabulous custom pillows, and killer vintage lighting (used several of these in clients homes).
Mrs. Howard:  if you haven't had a chance to experience one of pheobe howard's stores, you are missing out.  it's absolutely's not like a typical store.  it's like walking into a showhouse.  a must see for any design lover.
and i highly recommend going to atl w/ girlfriends...b/c they make everything more fun.....
hope y'all had a great weekend too!!